Sunday, April 3, 2011

New around here

Here we go...spring break! I am really excited for this next week. I have really been needing a break from the grind each day. I am looking forward to spending some time with each of my kiddies, doing some house projects and mentally unwinding a bit! I'm sure I'll have lots to show for it at the end of the week.

We've had some new things come about here at our house. First up.....

My first sewing machine! I took a sewing class for beginners last fall and I have used one of my mom's spare machines for some projects, but now I have my own. Not only do I have some projects in mind, but it will also come in handy for repairing our American flag outside. It is fraying a bit on the end and could use a new seam.

Now comes the hard part....I actually have to learn how to sew....: )

Next....I have been loving these twig branches my mom gave me. She is a very giving person! (Hi, Mom!) I always love it when she asks me if I want to come and go "shopping" at her house.

As you can see, they light up. I am a bit of a sucker for little lights like that. There is another on the other side of the big picture window. We've never had anything on that ledge and they look great!!


We adopted a new kitten from the animal shelter last week. We lost our older cat a few months ago to cancer and since then, my son has been wanting to get a kitten. She is a sweetheart! No name yet...although here are Charlie's choices......

Stacey (whaa?)
Samantha (name of favorite babysitter)
Sophia...which will probably be our choice, but happens to be the name of one of his friends

It's always something around here.....: )


Shelley said...


What a cute new addition! The black streak on her nose is adorable :)

I just wanted to congratulate you on winning my chalkboard coasters and agreeing to Pay It Forward!

Please send me your mailing address and I'll send out your coasters :D

Also, I'm your newest follower!

Crazy Wonderful

Leah B said...

Hi Stacey!
Love, lala