Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pay It Forward

In the last few weeks, I checked out a new blog named Crazy Wonderful, by a great girl named Shelley. I have really enjoyed her blog--it has great decor and DIY ideas! It's also a fun read since I have little ones...she often posts about her life as a mom.

She did a great pseudo-giveaway called Pay It Forward. The first five commenters on her post received a lovely set of chalkboard coasters. Too cute! The catch? You must also offer something handmade to the first five commenters on your post paying it forward.....I am hoping I can drum up five commenters. ; ) Here are those chalkboard coasters...

My offering? A ribbon cuff bracelet...in your choice of army green or hot pink. If you're a neutral-lovin' gal, you would rock the army green. And for the fashionistas up on the latest color trends, hot pink is for you....reminiscent of the honeysuckle color that is hot right now. Here is what they look like:

If you are so inclined, I could be convinced to add a smaller white, black or possibly grey ribbon onto your bracelet. Unless I'm out of grey.  : )

So, commenters, let me know which color you prefer and I'll email you directly for your mailing address.

Thanks! What a great way to share some cute DIY things. 

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