Saturday, April 16, 2011

What's in bloom?

Spring is definitely underway in my yard and I couldn't be happier. First up this week, some pretty grape hyacinths.

I had these at our old house in white and I must say, they are more striking in purple. I planted bulbs at our new house last fall and it's tough to plant bulbs and get them exactly right the first time. You never know what they will look like in the place you put them until they bloom. I have had to move them in the past to more favorable spots. My thought about the hyacinths? I need MORE for more effect. : )

These beautiful blooms are from our new serviceberry trees (amelanchier). We planted these last fall and I have been so excited to see the blooms this spring. These trees will also have berries in June, plus great fall color. Their variety name is 'Autumn Brilliance.'

The next pic shows the blooms from our little sand cherry tree. I love the maroon leaves and pink blooms. This tree is in our backyard and was transplanted back there from the front yard last year.

Lastly, a few pics from my veggie garden. Not necessarily blooms, but fun to see anyhow. These are the lettuce seedlings I planted about a month ago. I started a second crop about two weeks ago to stagger the plantings for a continual supply until it gets hot here (when lettuce goes to seed).

And this pic shows off my perennial herbs. They are a-growin' like crazy! My personal fave is the oregano, the three huge bunches to the lower right of the picture.

Makes me want to start up some spaghetti sauce....

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