Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What's in bloom?

So.....you know what they say about April showers? I've had it! We are about one inch of rainfall away from breaking not only the record for the most rainfall in the month of April here in Cincinnati, we are close to breaking the record for the most rainfall in any month in history.

Awesome! I am so behind on spring projects....mulch and windows, especially. The grass is extremely green, which is nice...but it's growing way too fast! On the upside, all of my perennials are nice and lush. Here's to some nice, dry and warm weekends coming up soon!

Here is what is blooming this week....

This is the one tulip I have in our yard. Actually, it's Charlie's. He picked it out and planted it in his raised garden bed. I'm not too partial to tulips....they are not the most reliable of rebloomers (some consider them "annual" bulbs) and deer consider them a treat. However, after observing my neighbors' tulips this spring, perhaps I should give them another chance.

This plant is new to me. It is called sea thrift. I was not even sure when I bought it last fall when it blooms...it turns out that it blooms now! Nice color and nice bloom time when not much else besides bulbs are in bloom.

Last, we have these blooms on a tree in our yard:

We inherited this plant when we moved in...I think it is a star magnolia or a Jane magnolia. We transplanted it to a new spot last spring and it had a rough time during the drought-ish time last summer. It seems to be doing okay, although not a ton of blooms. If it doesn't get its act together in the next year or so....

I apologize for the picture quality! It was quite windy the day I took all of these and hard to keep the plants still while I snapped the pics. : )

Oh, and an update to the birds....the babies have hatched! They have tiny little beaks and no eyes yet.

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