Thursday, April 21, 2011

Nest egg

A few weeks ago, I noticed a bird flying away from the front door when I would open it. After it happened a few times, I decided to inspect it more closely. Up in our forsythia wreath, I spied a bird's nest.

At first, I thought maybe the bird wasn't done building and I could dismantle it.....but then I got a better look.

Oh, yeah...that's four eggs in there! Charlie and I climbed up on a ladder to check them out and he thinks it's pretty cool. No touching!!! I do think it will be neat to take out the bird's nest when I take down the wreath once those birds are out of there. Charlie will like that, too.

I guess I will be putting off those plans to paint my front door for a while until those baby birds are grown! Although, I do have a neat idea for the abandoned nest....: )

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Lindsay said...

How cool is that?! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Hope you come back soon. Happy Mothers Day!

 Delighted Momma