Thursday, April 28, 2011

Office chair facelift

Along with multitudes of rain around here, I have also had a number of festering decor projects that have been neglected. I'll start to share in the next week. Some I have had to do just to get them out of my garage! Now that it is starting to get warm outside, playthings are taking over the garage and real estate out there is coveted. ; )

One of the latest is also one of my more ambitious projects. You may remember this chair from my Habitat For Humanity ReStore venture. Nondescript brown office chair.

Well, here is what it looked like after I took off all of the dusty, dull fabric.

You can see clearly in that shot all of the TOYS that live in the garage these days. As I said, this was quite ambitious for me, since it was a bit more involved than just recovering chair pads. There were two pieces to recover and I had to use foam on the seat and on the backrest. Before I cut the foam, I spray painted the wood with a semigloss black spray paint.

Here is my fabric. It is great for the black and gold scheme I have going on in our study.

The corners were a bit tough, but I eventually got them looking decent.

Please excuse the picture was dark outside and my garage lights are somewhat inadequate! Last, I had to screw in the backrest....

This threw a wrench in my plan, since I had to get inside the back of the backrest to screw in the screws. Hmm. Punting here....I'll let you know how that turned out. And of course, I'll take pics of my flub, too. : )

I'm thinking upholstery tacks.....

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