Thursday, March 28, 2013

A few jewelry updates

Hey, there....

Only four days away from Opening Day around here! I am more than ready for the boys of summer, let me tell you. I am looking forward to some cold ones, outside in the warm weather, listening to the Reds on the radio. Or taking in a game down at the ballpark.

Opening Day in Cincinnati is kind of like a excited!

I recently redid some necklaces. I've been on a bent lately redoing things I already have. I try to put aside things I don't need anymore for know, to cut down on clutter and all. However, lately, I've been holding on to things that can just be fixed up a bit!

My mom and dad are moving. Next week, actually! So, they have been cleaning out tons of stuff. My mom gave me a big container of old costume jewelry. I found a few things that can be redone!

I found a little silver key (have no idea to what) and a ball chain. I also had a nut that I found at the hardware store. It is called a coupling nut and although I know my way around the hardware store, I am not 100% sure what you would use this for.

You might be surprised at what you find if you look around the HW store a bit!

I added it to a silver chain of a necklace I don't wear anymore....

I like the size of the bolt and the industrial look.

I added the key to the ball chain....

And tried them together. I will be loving these together for spring and summer.

Voila. Now go to the hardware store.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Home and Garden Show

Anyone else out there about to fall over wanting spring to arrive? Besides me?

Not to mention, I'd fall over in a second if it meant spring break was here. I am searching every last nook and cranny of this body for PATIENCE with my students!! Aaack.

I shouldn't complain too loudly....last year, when spring arrived, well, around the beginning of February, I wasn't happy then, either. So, basically, I'm never satisfied. ; ) All I know is that once it's here, it will be game spring clothes are at the ready!

We did get a taste of spring at the Cincinnati Home and Garden Show a few weekends back. I snapped some lovely pics...especially while my awesome husband watched the kids on the trampoline so I could take my time and look around.

Some of the it is.

This chandelier was awesome...but my kids and I LOVED the fish that were in it. : )

I saw this plant twice....once in purple and once in white. I think it might be called pieris? Someone help me if you know!

I really liked this uplighting! I would love to have some landscape lighting on my someday backyard landscaping....

I was digging this combo of azaleas (touchy to grow in our area), hostas and impatiens. Never you mind that the azaleas and impatiens wouldn't be blooming together in this zone in real life. H&G show is like fantasy land!

Very cool uplit row of weeping cherries with a border of hyacinths.

White azaleas and a border of tiny liriopes.

I liked this pot of gerbera daisies and spiky green stuff.

Also loving the checkerboard grass and slate!!!!

Weeping redbud with a few very tiny buds!

I also LOVED this pot of celosia, or cockscomb. If I could find this for my garden, I'd be done for.

That's all for to watch the last episode of Mad Men that's available on Netflix. *sob* Note to Netflix--pls. add season 5 ASAP....?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Treadmill desk

Good morning.....

Here at our house, my husband and I have been trying to make an effort to get moving. Like most, I think, we struggle with trying to stay active and how to fit that in to busy schedules with kids and work.

We have an old treadmill in the basement that used to belong to my parents. It no longer keeps track of your stats, but it works just the same. I don't mind treadmills, but I do get that feeling that I'm a rat on a wheel....

So, I decided to build a little shelf/desk for our treadmill. I bought a piece of wood at the hardware was about $6 for 4'x1.5' I also bought four u-shaped brackets, but ended up using just two. And one small piece of wood that was 1" wide to keep our computers from sliding off the desk.

After cutting the board down to the correct size, I attached it using the u-brackets on the bottom to the handrail of the treadmill. Nailed on the small piece on the front. I also added a piece of rubber shelf stuff so the computers wouldn't slide! (I also stuffed some small pieces of rubber shelf stuff into the brackets to keep them tight)

And the result?

So nice to be walking right next to the furnace!'s nice, though, I have gotten work done for school, surfed the net and even watch favorite!

Hello, old episodes of Grey's Anatomy....

I've got a thing for Denny Duquette all over again.....

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Saturday, March 9, 2013


Hello and happy weekend...I hope it's a good one for all!

I've got a ton of pictures taken of various things to share....and just have not had a chance to get them up on the blog! At least keeping busy is making these late winter days go by quickly.

I went to a concert on Tuesday was AMAZING! So much fun. My friend took me to see the Indigo Girls, a band I have loved since I was in high school. It was her birthday, so her husband got her tickets to take a friend.

We got a bite to eat and then headed to the show. The opening band, the Shadowboxers, were pretty good! But....the Indigo Girls were great. I mean great. They are so talented and enjoy being on the stage so much. We had such a nice time....just two moms out on the town!

A few shots of the Girls.

The opening act backed up the main act. And they weren't too bad to look at.

Me, after the show.

A set list a stagehand gave me. So cool!

Then, I drove home in a snowstorm! We had found out at the concert that school was off for the next day. First snow day in two years!! I just love the way the trees look with snow on them.

I didn't get home until 12:30am, so I was whipped the next two nights. Hence, quiet blog.

Monday, March 4, 2013

A Seasonal Container....You Can Grow That!

Happy March to all and it's time for another installment of You Can Grow That!

Be sure to check out the Facebook page for You Can Grow That! links to other blogs!

So, here we are, the beginning of March and it is time for me to completely change out my front step containers. In the last few years, I've been starting to use plants in my containers that go from season to season. I tend to change them out completely in spring and sometimes in the summer.

So, to recap last year, here's how it went down. Spring saw pansies installed in my front step pots. This particular variety was so pretty with the blues and yellows.

For the summer, I planted cordyline and sweet potato vine 'Blackie.' Some of my peach-y colored annuals didn't make it through into our dry summer, so I raided the bargain bin and planted a red mandevilla and red/white zinnias. The red snapdragons were transplanted from the backyard. I was pleased with how this turned out!

Now, into fall. I kept the sweet potato vine, but added ornamental cabbage, mums and pansies. I also planted a mustard plant, which I loved! The colors and textures on that plant were great for fall.

Here is a pic of the pots with the mums in full bloom and the cabbage showing color. By this time, the frost had killed off the sweet potato vine. I stuck some seedpods in there (not sure from what tree) and had added some small white pumpkins.

Then, Christmas. I kept the cabbage and added fake greenery, twigs, fake berries, lights and pinecones. A little snow doesn't hurt, either!

And lastly, for winter post-Christmas. I picked up these wreaths for a few bucks apiece after the holiday. I added some dried grasses and twigs with pinecones. Had the cabbage stayed in better shape, I would have kept that as well. Last year, I had a white-ish variety that I kept all the way through to March.

And soon, we'll be starting over again! 

So, how can you do this yourself? Choose plants that can go from one season to another. Consider the color of the plant, too. The maroon of the sweet potato vine works well for summer and fall. I love how the kales and cabbages look for fall, but you can use them for holidays as well.

Seasonal containers? You can grow that!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Cut flowers

Good morning to you all.....and happy March! I don't know about where you are, but this week? The weather has been just the pits. Cold and rainy. I mean, if it's going to be cold, it might as well snow! I went to college in northern Ohio and I have got to say that I abhor cold rain with all of my being.

So, here's to turning the corner. Let's get this party started, spring.....; )

One of the secretaries at my school retired this week. My friend and I decided that we would give her some flowers and a card.

I made a stop at the local grocery store and looked over the manager's selection of flowers. Two white hydrangea stems for $1.99? Check! Got two of them.

I went outside and cut some seed heads from my ornamental grasses (that need to be cut back and soon)....and.....

I even had one left over for myself. Guaranteed to brighten anyone's day, much less someone who is retiring. : ) Maybe I need to just check the bargain flower bin to get past my winter blahs.

I did chuckle at this comment....the other secretary said, "Did those come from your garden???" I wish!!!

Hurrah to the weekend!