Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mirror update

Ever since we got our new couch, we have had a big ol' nothin' up above it. It has been really hard to decide what to put there. I've looked at countless blogs and photos online to get some ideas....and I have seen some great things!

However, it occurred to me that I had a great mirror upstairs that could use a little paint job and maybe it would fit the bill. Not that I am opposed to having great furniture/accessories in the bedrooms, but this is a bit of a showstopper and I thought it would be great above the couch.

This mirror was a find by my sister when she lived down in Mt. Adams in Cincinnati. This chandy also came from that apartment building (here). She did a great crackle paint finish on it, but I decided to paint it white. This sucker is heavy!

Here is Sweetie, looking at herself in the mirror as it's drying....

And mounted above the couch.

I have an idea for some artwork for the sides in white frames. We definitely needed something there!


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