Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Big yardwork

A week ago, I engaged in some heavy duty yardwork. I have been wanting to do this job for about eight months. I'm talking transplanting shrubs. It's really best to do it in late fall or early spring....and we don't have time for massive house jobs in the fall around my house! So, last weekend, it was time.  Here is the before:

My little buddy has his trucks all lined up and ready to go. Those taxus bushes were in the crosshairs. To me, in the world of plants, taxus is vanilla. Eh. So they were getting moved to the side of the house.

It had rained the day before, so my during pics are limited....I was literally covered in mud. Here is the after:

Now, they need a little pruning, but they definitely fill in the space here (picture nothing in that spot before)! I also added some hostas divided from my mom's house in front of the windows. My favorite thing about this whole project? Free.

Except now, I have this in front of our house...

Next on the list is to build a few small retaining walls and add some plants. Not free....but it will be a good project for us this spring/summer!

My favorite thing about planting around a newer construction home? This.

Hello, huge rock-shaped concrete. You were a real b&*& to dig up.

Last....it was a day filled with yard work. You get a gold star if you can spot the special cargo in my wheelbarrow.

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