Friday, November 18, 2011

Going bananas for pancakes

I would have to say that I am pretty much a utilitarian cook....I don't mind cooking and I enjoy making tasty dinners and dishes. But....I am not a person who tries new recipes constantly or likes to experiment in the kitchen. ; )

I do like to make pancakes for the kids on weekends. I make them from scratch, since I don't keep pancake mix on hand. The recipe is not that hard and you can customize it! 

We usually add white chocolate chips to pancakes...but last weekend, we added banana, since I had an old, ripe banana that needed to be used up. Usually for me, a good excuse to make banana bread, but I decided to go with banana pancakes. I'll list the recipe, I have some tips I've learned that make pancake time go much more smoothly!

First, I mix up the ingredients. No need to use a mixer--a few lumps are fine.

Okay, not the ripest banana ever, but still needed to be eaten! I mashed it up and added it to the batter.

Here is one of the tips I've picked keep the pancakes from sticking, use a paper towel with some oil (olive or other) soaked into it. Wipe it onto the heated skillet or griddle between each round.

Look for bubbles to flip.

You can also put the oven on warm and keep the cooked pancakes on a plate in there if you would like to serve all of the pancakes at the same time.

Pancakes are also a great excuse for kids like sprinkles on top. I think it's because the box of frozen mini pancakes they like has sprinkes on the pancakes. What isn't better with sprinkles?

You can try different fruits or different chocolates in your pancakes.....

Pancakes from Scratch
1 egg
1c milk
1c flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1T sugar

Mix all ingredients. Can use whole wheat flour if you prefer.

Enjoy some pancakes on a chilly morning!

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