Thursday, April 7, 2011

Special delivery

I got a nice surprise on my doorstep earlier this week. A package....and Charlie was quite disappointed that it was not for him. He's been known to break down in tears when a package arrives and it's not for him.

What should I find? My free Valspar paint sample!

This is a little box of fun. I registered for it here. I first read about this in the newspaper in January. They were giving away 100 free paint samples (6oz little cans of paint) for 100 days. I tried for about two weeks to get in, but it always said that the window was closed and to try back tomorrow. So...I gave up.

I had been reading on a posting board that someone had received theirs, so I decided to try again. Behold! It took me to a giant board where you can click on a color family, then pinpoint the color you want to choose. Unfortunately, the choice area is teeny-tiny, so you don't get a really good idea of what the paint is that you want to choose. Also, I was under the gun to do it quickly....I think it was in the morning and I had to get going to school that day. I ended up choosing "Dusty Aqua."

Now that I can see the paint chip up close, it is a little yellow-based for me and I probably would go with something a little more grey blue. BUT......look at all of the stuff that came with it!

Included was supposed to be a $5 off coupon for paint.....they sent me THREE. Hooray!

Also, they send you a few paint chips with complementary colors. Pretty cool!

So, I will take my little roller and slap it up on the wall--it's meant as an idea for the master bedroom. We'll see how it goes!

What a nice surprise on my doorstep that was.

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