Friday, February 4, 2011

Presto, change-o

I have been writing a bit about the office in our home. I've been really excited about some of the elements that I have tried out in this room. I'll post a bit about some of the projects and to avoid a really long post, I'll post another tomorrow.

Here are some before-ish shots:

These pic shows the paint going up...

The pics don't show it, but I actually had to paint around the gigantic armoire, then clean it out a week later. It was WAY too full of stuff and heavy to move. It was due for a huge clean-out anyway!

One project I decided to do once we painted was to add all of these frames to the wall, from this post

Also, I added some cornices to the window. My mom had given me these a while ago...they even moved with us from our old house to our new house.


I'm not quite sure how long she has had them, either. They are a foam thingy you can cover with fabric that makes a cornice. And it's EZ. The foam does allow you to do multi-colored different fabric effects (makes me think they are from the early 90s?)! I chose plain old black.

I added a cheapy curtain rod, since I'd like to add some patterned drapes once I find the right pattern. I saw some at Lowe's (of all places), but I am sure I can find something similar for way less!

There you see Freddie. This is his pictorial debut in my blog. Maybe next time I'll show his best side. He is hard at work, checking on his students' papers. You can also see the cheapy curtain rod at the top of the window.

Here is the finished product:

Not bad for some cushy foam! I have to be honest, I was really happy to have some cornices and also to use up the EZs since they had been taking up space in our spare closet! The fabric I picked is a basic black was 40% at the fabric store, plus it was Teacher Appreciation Weekend, so I got an additional 20% off. Score!

More of the finished room coming!


Fred Reeder Jr. said...

Actually, I think that IS my best side.

I frankly never really notice how plain things are until you change them - like the computer wall, for instance. What a difference!

I do think you should blog about how we incorporate various personal items on our walls. It's one of your best qualities: how much you value the experiences and people in our lives. :)

Okay, that was totally sappy.

Jennifer said...

Aw, thanks, Freddie....I will file that away for a slow week on blog projects!