Tuesday, February 22, 2011

In the present

Charlie and Annie have been invited to a birthday party! Oh, happy day. I am excited about one thing: it is at a place called "Run, Jump 'n' Play." Adding to my excitement is the fact that they will be exhausted when they get home. I am also curious, since this is the first kid's birthday party we will attend that has been held on a weeknight. I've never considered having a kid's birthday party on a weeknight, but it might be a GENIUS idea! The craziest we've ever done was Friday night. Woo.

So, we had to venture out tonight and get a present for the party, since I couldn't possibly have remembered to do that over the weekend, right? I hope Hot Wheels are a big hit. However, I did employ one of my favorite wrapping techniques tonight:

Yes, that would be the cartoons from the Sunday paper. It satisfies me on the following levels:
  • It's cute.
  • It's free....well, if you buy the paper.
  • It's green (imagine this said with a very granola tone of voice).
Not bad, huh?

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