Monday, February 21, 2011

It is the Home Daybook, after all...

Happy Prez Day....we have the day off today in our family! We visited the inlaws over the weekend, so it is nice to have another day to relax before heading back to the craziness. And it is a rainy, chilly day here in beautiful Cincinnati. Today, while Annie was napping, I decided we would get some things crossed off the to-do list.

First, I got a start on cleaning out old paperwork from my hanging file folders. This includes bills and credit card statements dating back to '09 and '08. Super fun. I was a shredding maniac until my shredder overheated (I hope) and I had to give it a rest. Hopefully, this will be a jumpstart to getting all of our tax stuff put together to send off to the accountant. I hope Mr. Shredder is not dead and done because I have a little stack of papers waiting to be eaten.

Next on my list was the sexiest of all home maintenance jobs. Yes, I am talking about caulking. To be honest, this is one of my least favorite HI jobs...and generally I really enjoy doing any kind of home maintenance/improvement. You are talking about a chick who enjoys washing windows.

So, Charlie and I got all of our supplies and got to work caulking the master bathtub, shower and the kids' bathtub. I did employ this handy little tool I picked up at the HW store. While a finger and a wet paper towel does great for cleaning up caulk when you apply it, this little jobby does it well and minimizes the mess on your fingers. ;)

As I mentioned, I really dislike this job and the main reason why is that it is hard to do well and make it look good. I have definitely learned the hard way with this particular skill--starting with when I used silicone caulk to caulk where I needed to paint and said paint would not stick to silicone. Oops.

Alas, we hung in there and got it done. It doesn't look that bad and a nice cold one helped too. I feel such relief that this job is no longer hanging over my head. At one point, sensing my frustration, Charlie said, "It's okay, Mama, we're almost done."

Love that boy.


Mrs.Abbott said...

Hey Jennifer, I was lurking on the nest and saw your blog. I am from cincy as well! Just thought I would say hi!

Fred Reeder Jr. said...

This blog entry makes me sure more than ever I should never divorce you. I don't even like saying the word "caulk".