Sunday, February 13, 2011

A new addition

Well, I have, I'll share one today and the other one soon!

Our red couch has departed us. This was a great couch that came to us by way of my sister. It had a great shape to it...a curvy back that dipped down in the center. It was a sleeper sofa and very comfy! Also, tomato red was its color....a more palatable red, in my book. Here is a shot of Annie horsing around with Daddy on the red couch...note the presence of the dog on the couch, also.

One week on Craigslist and we said goodbye to the good ol' red couch. I had not always had Big Red show his colors....I have long been a slipcover devotee. It started when I inherited a print sofa and loveseat from my mom. It intensified when we acquired a dog and children.

The new sofa has married my slipcover love and our need for some more sofa space.

There she be. The new couch came to us from IKEA (maybe that story will be my next post). It is an Ektorp sofa+chaise. We did try them out at the store and this one accomodated my husband in length, so he was a fan. One thing I also liked was that the chaise part is it can be easily moved to the center or to the left.

You might be thinking, "That girl is crazy...white with children and a dog!" I have thought this myself. However, I was not sure the khakis they had would coordinate with our othe furniture. The beauty of this sofa would be....the removable slipcover! And not just that you can wash the whole thing, you can wash just one cushion. Aaaahhh. can purchase a new slipcover for the whole thing when it is worn out.

It was quite easy to assemble. We have further realized the beauty of this particular sofa when it fit my husband, my son and our dog on it. I was also amazed that it has a 10-year warranty. Who knew?

One last time....

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