Sunday, February 27, 2011


This morning, our little family spent some time at the Cincinnati Home and Garden a birthday present to Mama. This included some quality time spent by Freddie watching the kids play on the Cadillacs of playsets and trampolines so I could browse the show on my own! Good man.

I meant to take some beautiful pictures of some of the garden displays, but this was all I got:

I got a little overwhelmed and forgot to take pics of pretty things. ;) They had a ball, though!

The garden/patio displays are unbelievable. They bring in truckloads of pavers, fountains and plants that have been carefully forced to be in full bloom during the show, which is quite a process. Of course, most of the patio/grill/fountain/garden displays would only cost several and several thousands, but it's quite inspiring and one can dream, right? It is a bit of a tease, since of course, it's only the end of February and we're still a bit of time away from the planting season, but it was so nice to see some beautiful landscapes.

So, at the show.....I perused some countertops to replace the Puke Counters. It was nice to take a look at some different options and talk to the vendors.

I have long been interested in this retractable screen door, since we have none on our back door and I would so love to have a screen door for times when the weather is nice!

I was also eyeing a rain that I have a compost bin, this is my next green project. I'm quite motivated for this since using a rain barrel would also lower our water bill!

A nice shot of inspiration today!

Thanks for a great birthday weekend, Freddie!! :)

Here are some things I did notice at the show that I liked:

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