Saturday, February 5, 2011

Presto, change-o, part dos

Here goes....

Of course, I'm not totally done. I'd still like to find some black patterned curtains to hang under my EZ well as a new desk chair....and a new floor lamp (since one bulb is broken)....and add a leopard-print throw, but that's not too bad, considering where we started.

This pic has an old radio that is an antique from Freddie's family.

There is a bit of a blank spot in the middle on the wall where you see the guitar. Down the road, we are thinking of taking out the armoire (above) and putting piano in here for the kiddies....but it's not immediate! Otherwise I would get a big tall mirror and stand it against the wall in the middle.

This was one of my favorite items:

I wanted a side table for the big comfy leather chair, especially since Freddie likes to grade papers in here. I found one at Goodwill for $10 and it was half off....the wood and laminate was yuck, but the shape was great. Add one can of brushed nickel spray paint and architectural metallic side table.

So, as I said, not totally finished, but the rest I'd like to take my time doing! Good things come to those who wait, right?

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