Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Latest project

Well, we are fast approaching Christmas...I am enjoying a much-deserved break from school!  We had a few snow days in the last week before break and it allowed me to get this project completed.  It is a small part of the redo of our office.  I am quite proud that I was able to get this done--and all of the other Christmas prep I have been doing!

I wanted to create a gallery wall above the desk where our computer sits.  Some of the frames were taken from other rooms and some were assembled.  One of my favorites is an old frame that my grandpa refinished.  My mom gave it me and I changed out the picture...



I removed the very 70s shot of my sister and put in some old vintage sheet music, backed by some fabric I had on hand.  This one is also one of my favorites:

Not only is it a "for rent" sign that husband's aunt wrote on, I like the graphic pop it adds! Before I hung all of the pictures, I traced all of the frames onto paper and cut them out.  My best little helper gave me a hand.  Then I taped them up to make sure I liked the arrangement:

The finished product:

This room has been a work in progress as of late....once the Christmas madness is over, window treatments are in the crosshairs!

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Leah B said...

The For Rent sign is really cool. I love how it looks against all the old stuff. I have NO IDEA why you would want to remove that cool picture of your sister.