Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chalk it up

I started my love affair with chalkboard paint in our old house. I bought a can and painted off a square in our kitchen that was preschooler-height. It was a huge hit with Charlie...so we added one in his bedroom so he could do art on his wall.

Once I finished painting the kitchen in our new house, I added a chalkboard. The kids enjoy using it while we are hanging in the kitchen and sometimes I like to write notes on it myself. I have seen some neat pictures of it used for whole rooms....but one of the coolest chalkboard walls is in the bridal store of my sister-in-law, Rebecca. You can see a bit of it on her site....http://bigrocklittlerooster.com/ She works in retail and owns her own bridal store, but her decorating style is quite fashionable as well.

Here is a pic of our chalkboard in the kitchen:

Then, this happened...

Color the grout lines? Makes perfect sense! I'm actually picturing a floor totally done in this and I think it's kind of interesting...

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