Monday, January 31, 2011


So, hopefully if you have been reading my blog, you will remember this little guy:

There he is, my best helper, showing off his snacks during the bathroom painting project. He actually is a good helper and also has tons of enthusiasm for all of the projects we do around the house. Hardware store? "Let's go, Mama!" Garden store? "Can bring my big truck?" IKEA? Check. Fabric store? Of course....although I think my husband is suspect about that. We do buy crafts, too!

I snapped a picture I thought it'd be fun to share. The first pic shows the paint colors in Charlie's room. I am planning to take some pictures of his room and post about it...since it is one of the fully-done rooms in the house!

Well, we recently went the paint store to pick out paint chips of paint for the dining room. Charlie picked out some that he liked. I didn't really know what happened to them until I saw this:

Hilarious....cracked me UP! I really need to ask what the numbers are for! They do seem to be the same colors as the Bengals. A little man after my own heart...

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