Thursday, June 30, 2011

This and that

I did some repairs recently on some of my favorite clothing items. Now that I have my sewing machine, I can do some minor repairs...and much more quickly than sewing by hand. The first thing I repaired with my sewing machine was our American flag. The end was fraying, so I put a new seam at the bottom and it looks ever so much better.

My latest repairs have been on some garments. First, I had really worn out the bottom of my favorite sleep pants. I love their color and they are so comfy. They were really long, though, and I basically walked on the ends of them and wore holes in them. This is the part I cut off. Ugh! Thank goodness no one outside of my family saw me wear them.

So, I put a new seam around the bottom.

Sorry, the perspective on this pic is wrong. I don't really sew in that position.

I had a problem when I tried them on. They looked like floodwaters....they were about 3 inches too short. So, I regrouped and cut them off to about capri length. Here are the ends now:

So, now I can respectably wear my sleep pants again. My next project involved some of my favorite capri sweatpants....I guess that is what I would call them. They actually are pants that I love to wear on weekends or in the summer and they are super comfy as well.

Confession: Actually, I probably need to throw them out...I've had them for three or four years. But I love them so!!

Well, my problem is that I painted a mirror in them and got paint on them. I'm usually very careful with drips, but got a little on my pants:

There's also a tiny bit of paint in the crotch area, but no one will see that! ; )

I picked up a patch at the craft store...

And I ironed it on....

I then wore them the next day. However, the little spikes started to come off and so I trimmed them off and sewed it on by hand, so there is no chance of it coming off.

I'm feeling pretty good that I was able to rescue two of my favorite comfy things.

Plus, the patch makes me look really b%^ a#$%.  Don't you think?

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