Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What's in bloom?

Well, we are making our way through the summer here...it's almost the 4th of July and we're coming to the end of my favorite part of the growing season. Although it is a bit nice to have the annuals starting to heat up right now! Here's what's in bloom...

First up, my hypericum is in bloom. These shrubs are right underneath our windows in the front. These particular plants looked really sad after our drought last year and I thought they were not going to make it this spring. They bounced back, though, and are looking good! The common name for this is St. John's Wort. My variety is 'Sunburst.' The foliage is a bluish-green and the flowers remind me of daffodils.

Next,  I planted some allium bulbs last fall. Alliums are in the onion family. Many of them bloom purple. This variety is called 'Drumstick,' which appealed to me since I am a music teacher. I love the plants, but I put them in the wrong spot, so they will get moved once the leaves die back.

I'm super excited to have my oakleaf hydrangea in bloom! I planted this last summer, right next to our garage. Mine is a dwarf variety and should be happy at 3-4' tall. The blooms are so pretty.

Last, one of my favorite perennials in my garden....coneflower, or echinacea. Yes, it is distantly related to the homeopathic variety people use! I am in love with the coloration of this flower. The variety is called 'Summer Sky' from the Big Sky series. If deadheaded, the blooms last several more weeks.

Soon it will be time to feature some annuals...they're just getting the party started!

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Jen @ Domesticated Nomad said...

Pretty. I only have lilies right now. Still waiting on my other flowers.