Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thwarting nature

I discovered a few days ago that something is eating my back patio containers. I would never begrudge a woodland creature a meal, but it does tee me off a little bit when they chomp off plants that I've spent my hard-earned caaaszh buying.

Here is what I noticed....

You can see from this plant label what my petunias are supposed to look like.

Here is what my ornamental grass is supposed to look like.

Solution? I wrapped some garden netting around them. I am hoping this will deter the animals until the plants get big enough and do not taste like baby salad greens to them.

If it's successful, then I'll be happy because the netting and twist ties are not the most aethetically pleasing thing to see when I look out my back window! ; )

The strangest thing to me is that no other pot, container or plant in my garden has been nibbled...but these two have been munched on. The petunias have been eaten down to the soil!

I did snap a picture of the top of my ornamental grass. I think this is too cool! The plant is called Egyptian Papyrus 'King Tut.'

The garden store also had a dwarf variety that could look really cool in a small container planting. If it looks as good at the end of the season, it will make my list for sure.

Here's hoping those critters leave my plants alone now....

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