Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Come on in?

Good day to everyone...well, it has certainly been nice here with weather in the 70s the last three days. As one of the former corny weather guys used to say, "Free A/C." I love it. Especially since the seven day forecast shows us back up to close to 90 by next week. Boo.

I got two things accomplished today. The first? Hose organization. I've been living like this at our back spigot for the last few months:

Ugh. Not only does it get tangled up easily, it's not aesthetically pleasing at all. After getting bum advice from the guy at the hardware store about what to use to drill into the brick, I finally got on the right track after asking again at the hardware store. You know, it only takes about 15 minutes of standing there with a drill to get through the brick to put in a screw. And...

Ahhh. Much better.

I also took advantage of Free A/C Day to paint the front door. I've been having an obsession with cobalt blue lately. Plus, everyone in our neighborhood has a paint color "Variation on Brown" for the front door.

Here is the before shot. I especially despised the way the trim around the little windows was white. Prepped and ready to paint....


I think I'm having a little remorse. I swear it looked darker on the paint chip!! Turquoise is my fave color, but this might be a little intense...

Thoughts? Someone talk me off the ledge? Maybe darker blue than that?

Brick red?

Help?    : )


Katherines Corner said...

I love the color! Well done.I enjoyed my visit to you blog. Hugs

Tulip and Turnip said...

Hi Jennifer! I think it looks adorable! It would also look great a darker blue. I think maybe you should live with it a while before you make any moves. It's only paint, so in a month or two you may LOVE it or HATE it. If you hate it, I think it would look great painted a darker blue.

That being said, the turquoise is FUN and an unexpected surprise. WAY more interesting than the brown! :)

Your yard looks fantastic. I'm jealous!