Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When the spirit moves you

In the last few days, we have had a massive campaign to organize. Not sure from where this came, but I have been happy to oblige the feeling. My husband is taking a leave of absence from his teaching job next year, so we had about 12 boxes of classroom detritus to absorb. We worked on that over the weekend.

It's been rainy, so it was a good opportunity to purge a bit. I spent yesterday morning cleaning out the rest of our basement storage room and cleaning out the last part of the area where my old cat liked to sleep. He was put to sleep in February, so I'm ready to not be thinking of him every time I go in that room.

We made a trip to Goodwill last evening, so I would say it's been successful. I did take some pictures of my buffet that I have in our dining room. This buffet offers a multitude of storage! We don't dine in there, so I don't really use it for fancy dishes.

One of the drawers is really handy for storing our electronics-related stuff. Here is what it looked like before I started:

Ick. However, I do take heart in the fact that at least these things were all in one place. ; ) I took everything out. Everything that was not already in a baggie, I put in a baggie and labeled it.

I also took advantage of the Great Classroom Clean-out to use a plastic file folder to organize manuals and installation DVDs that didn't warrant a baggie.

I vacuumed out the drawer.

Then put everything back in. Much easier to see everything and to find the cords I need. I did throw out a few unidentified cords in there. Ta da!

I do love this buffet. The end cabinets are big enough to hold these photo albums.

I really would prefer for them to be on these bookshelves.....

but have no room for them due to toys on the lower shelves!

Whew. Not the sexiest post ever, but at least I'm organizing bit by bit. When the feeling hits ya, you gotta act.


Shelley said...

I had a cleaning bug hit me yesterday too. It got even worse when I happened across and episode of Hoarders. Man, that'll kick your rear into high gear to get things cleaned up!

BluBabesCreate said...

Thanks for the loving the story and coming over.