Wednesday, June 15, 2011


In the last few days, I was struck by a spot in my garden...and the garden here is still quite young. We have been in our house for just two years now. When we moved in, we had your typical builder grade plantings going on. Or maybe not--at least in these plantings, they had included some daylilies and a rock! Our first house had shrub, shrub, shrub, shrub, BIG shrub.

At this point, I don't think any of the shrubs are in their original spot...they've all been moved elsewhere.

Anyway...I was taken by surprise by this particular spot in the garden, since most of the flowers in this spot are in bloom right now. A few before shots....

That pic was taken after we had transplanted that little tree and you can see the spray paint marking out the garden bed edge. I had a family friend take off the sod....he has a little landscaping business and his guys cut our electric fence AND our cable line.  Grrrr...

The next shot shows the bed, some stepping stones, a transplanted Korean boxwood and some perennials. My son and I planted some steppable thyme in between the stones. Those stones actually cost only $2 apiece at a little garden store way out in the sticks.

Since then, we added some more perennials around the little tree, some lilies further down and a dwarf oakleaf hydrangea.

I didn't plan to have all of that in bloom at the same time...typically, I try to stagger the blooms a bit more than that. Who wants all of their candy at the same time?? I'd rather spreeeaaaad  it out.....but that can be tweaked.

For now, I'll just enjoy my little spot. : )

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Honey at 2805 said...

Jennifer, it looks great! I don't think you can have too many blooms at one time!