Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spray paint mania 2

My love affair with spray paint continued this week. I hope you all had a nice week! We had some beautiful weather and I've been enjoying a much more relaxed schedule with my children.....hallelujah!

Here is a grouping of pictures frames that I have in our dining room.

The frames on the outside are some of my husband's family pictures. The one in the center is my great-grandfather, who immigrated from Sweden and worked in Minneapolis, Minn. as a streetcar conductor. The glass in the frame is too cool--it's concave! I really like this grouping, but I didn't like the way the frames were all different finishes and I wanted to unify them.

I took them all apart and numbered the small ones so I could match up the frame and the picture.

I also decided to paint this frame that was passed on to me from my mom, who got it from my grandmother. The shape is so pretty, but it does have a bit of damage on one side. This used to hold 70s-style portraits of me and my sister.

As you can see, my spray painting cardboard has been getting quite a workout. I had two cans of aluminum metallic Valspar spray paint. These cans were on clearance at Lowe's and I bought them without knowing for what I would use them.

Once finished, I reassembled the frames. They all needed a good cleaning! I used those little points to keep the picture and mats inside the frame. The name is escaping me now, but I bought them at the craft store for $1.50.

And here is the grouping now....

I really like the darker opposed to a nickel finish. With my new grey walls, I think the darker metallic gives it a nicer, darker look. I wasn't sure if black or white would be best. This is just a little different.

Here is a pic of the detail on my concave portrait up close...

And here is the detail on my other frame, although I have not yet decided what to put in it, so it's sitting empty right now. I love how the detail turned out!

Enjoy the weekend!

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Jen @ Domesticated Nomad said...

The frames look so much better. However I think we must see this 70s portrait you spoke of. :) I really like the paint you picked and I know what you mean about being addicted to spray paint.

Screaming Sardine said...

What a lovely makeover. I love how you have them all displayed.

Tracy Screaming Sardine

Tulip and Turnip said...

Did you see this post about turquoise doors? I immediately thought of you.


Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

I'm a frame 'junkie' -- these are great! Love that really old, detailed one! I think it's so pretty you should just hang it as is!

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

I love the transformation power of spray paint! Your frames turned out beautiful. Thanks for sharing

Tulip and Turnip said...

First, I have big plans to do a little gallery wall around my mounted TV. I'm going to need your advice, because your wall looks great!

Second -- I'm out of school tomorrow. Woo-hoo! These last two days are inservices...we're getting a new reading and writing program next year called "Being a Reader" and "Being a Writer." They are workshop approaches based on Lucy Calkins, Columbia University Teacher's College, etc.... Ever heard of the programs?

BluBabesCreate said...

What a great job. Come see some chairs. And feel free to include me on your blog list.

Pamma said...

So pretty! Love your grouping. That's my next about 8 frames to tear down and repaint.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What an absolutely adorable DIY! Well done.

I hope that you will stop by and enter my giveaway.

Happy Monday!