Tuesday, June 7, 2011

What's in bloom?

Whew....it has been a fast and furious few weeks here. We took two weekend trips, two weekends in a row. First off to the Indianapolis 500 on Memorial Day weekend....

Then, we traveled to Huntingtong, W. Va. for a family trip to take in the sights of my husband's and in-law's hometown.

In the meantime, my last day of school with students was yesterday. Woo hoo! Today I am going in to put away the rest of my room and then I am outta there. So, my blog has suffered a bit from all of that craziness, but lucky for you, it's summertime and I've got lots of things going on around the house...: )

What's in bloom right now? Perennials, baby! I've got some annuals going, but they are just starting up and not ready to show off quite yet.

The first pic is a daisy variety called 'Crazy Daisy.' I really prefer the tall daisy 'Becky,' but it's way too big for my front garden. This low-growing variety works great in that spot and I think all of these plants were free with a coupon at a garden store!

Next up, yarrow.

I have had a long love affair with yarrow. I planted a bunch of it at our old house. It is the easiest plant, I swear. It likes it hot and dry. My kind of plant! I also used to like that it bloomed "first," although now I have other things that bloom before this. :) My variety is called something "apricot," but it looks more red in the pic.

Here are some pretty hosta blooms. These hostas were transplanted just this spring.

Typically, the hostas bloom later in the summer. I personally prefer hostas without the blooms--I chop them off, I think it detracts from the plant and usually I put them somewhere where I don't want tall flowers. These flowers I cut and put in a vase inside. I do think these flowers are pretty with the white against the green.

Last....Asiatic lilies. I love these flowers. They are so easy!

I like these blooms with the maroon and almost black in the petals.  I have another variety that isn't blooming yet.

As you can see, things are hot and heavy in the garden here....

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