Friday, June 10, 2011

Out back

I thought I would share some pictures of our back patio this morning. It is rather humble, I will admit.....but at least there is nowhere to go but up! : )

This is the first time in our new house (we've been here for just two years now) that I have tried to angle the table to make room for the chair, footstool and small table. I like to go out there after the kids are in bed and read a magazine. Also, new to the back porch this year is the rug and umbrella. The back of our house faces west, so it can be sweltering back there. I bought the umbrella to give us a bit of shade. The rug is from our old house and it had been just sitting in the I thought I'd pull it out and sophisticate the space a bit.

I also was super excited to find a mandevilla plant on sale at the garden store. It was 40% off, plus another 20% off. (I think mandevillas are so expensive!) I'll share more about that plant another day....

Pictured here is our playset that we inherited when we bought the house and the kids' water table. Plus dog.

To be honest, a patio reno is on The List (you know, the one that never ends). On my wish list for the patio....a nice big paver patio with some great plantings around it. I'd also like a shaded area for part of it. Fire pit. Also, an arbor for me to grow some pretty vines. We'll get there. ; )

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6904! said...

Thank so much for linking up... We just moved into our home as well (1 year ago) and it is fun to get it all homey!