Thursday, March 10, 2011

What to do?

With the exception of more major home improvement projects in the kitchen, I am pretty happy with the state of our kitchen/family room. We've done a lot of work in this room since we moved in almost two years ago! Has it really been that long...?

You may recall my post about my is a photo to jog your memory:

The stripe fabric has really grown on me and I'd really like to work some more pattern into the room. However, this area has me stymied:

This seems to be a quite intimidating area to figure out something to do with these windows. First, it's a bay window, so finding rods to fit the small windows will be tough, I think. Then, there's so much space above the window.

Should I continue the same stripe pattern on these windows? This would give some continuity to room to have the same pattern across all windows (these windows are to the left of the valance above).

Or....just trim out the windows with a lot of white trim and let them be?

I was also thinking of doing a long, white shelf above the bay window to display some white antique pitchers I have. Good idea? Nothing but a dust-catcher?

Any input would be appreciated! I'm looking forward to the weekend. I've got a few little projects on the brain, along with a new mantel in mind. Oh....I also bought a nice mirror on Craiglist that is dying for an update.

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Fred Reeder Jr. said...

Honestly, this dilemma is easily solved - by me, the true master of DIY in the house.

Beer signs.

Lots of neon beer signs. 'Specially one of those St. Pauli Girl jobs.

You're welcome.