Saturday, March 5, 2011

Last one

Today, I am going to share the last of the accessories I made last weekend. This one uses the other white pleated piece. I used the other to make this. Although the last one was black and white, I wanted this one to be a bit more neutral.

So, after I did this:

I decided to add an off-white, smaller grograin ribbon. Instead of pleating and pinning this one, I ran a thread through the center and pushed the ribbon down to ruffle it up a bit.

After that was done, I put the ends together and used these super easy clips to fasten the ends and attach a clasp. You just clamp them down using some needlenose pliers.

And there you go!

I love the ruffled look as a bracelet. It is a bit springy, so I will be looking forward to working it into my outfits in the next few months. My next ruffled bracelet will be started from black:

I do, however, have to change out the bobbin and thread to black on the machine....and this will take me a bit of time.  :)  I'll share once it's done.

One last pic....of course, I was working on this during "art time while Sweetie naps," so Charlie got a chance to try his hand at sewing a bit. He's a little upset that you have to be eight years old to take the kids' sewing class at the craft store...check out his handiwork. His needle was a huge upholstery needle that is about two inches long and barely sharp, lol!

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