Monday, March 21, 2011


As of late, I am such a fan of our new hooks in the kids' bathroom. You might remember these:

As I have stated, one of my biggest home pet peeves is towels that are hung up and look messy. I have tackled this nicely in our new home with the above hooks and also in our master has NO room anywhere for a towel bar, so we have hooks over the toilet room door that work perfectly!

So...I did decide to move the picture across to the opposite wall above the toilet. It looked a little lonely up above the hooks and I think I need something more substantial there. However, I decided to give the hooks some numbers. I got some stencils at the craft store and lined 'em up:

Then, my helper and I stenciled on the paint. Charlie had a hard time not dragging the brush:

And, voila...

Numbered. Charlie insists that only he gets to use "2" and "5."

I'm already thinking about changing the color in there. I'm liking the plum color, but am striking out with finding much of it to use in the way of accessories. I'm thinking of a new shower curtain...maybe a classy, tasteful kid-friendly one (it is their bathroom, after all). I saw one with some nice cobalt blue....which would work nicely.  We'll see!

The DIY Show Off


Tulip and Turnip said...

That looks adorable! I love it!

The DIY Show Off said...

I love everything numbered! This is so cute! :) Thanks for sharing your creativity in the DIY party. I can't see the pictures for your yellow purse though. :(

And your new little kitty girl is adorable! We're new kitty parents. "Lalka" (it means "doll" in Polish) joined our family in Jan. Choosing a name is so hard but I couldn't help but laugh at your little guy's choices! So cute!

Have a great week, Jennifer!

Jamie said...

I love the numbers. Great idea. I would love for you to share it on More The Merrier Monday's Link Party!!