Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Becoming a grown-up...then and now

I did paint one other picture frame over the weekend for something special. About a week and a half ago, we had to say goodbye to our cat, Hunter. He had a tumor in his leg and being ten years old, he deteriorated pretty quickly.

Although it was tough for me, I was mostly concerned about Charlie....he did not handle it well when my in-laws' dog had to be put to sleep. We did our best to prepare him. He constantly asked when Hunter would get better and I kept telling Charlie that he wouldn't be getting better.

I first got Hunter when I got my own place--a condo that I bought with my sister. We had a great time there...and she actually named the new little kitty "Hunter." This was about the time I met Freddie. I had figured since I had my own place and my own magazine subscriptions, I could finally have my own cat! Later on, he became a big boy....19 pounds and my sister-in-law nicknamed him "Cow Cat." Since then, he has also been CooCat (or TooTat, as the 2 year old calls him).

It has been tough, but I know he is better off and not in pain. He was in so much pain at the end. Another part of being a grown-up is knowing when to say goodbye.

I was really touched....the clinic where I took him sent us a sympathy card with a nice poem about how animals that pass on before you do are waiting for you on this side of Heaven before you get there. They also included a card that they had used an inkpad to print his paw.

I also took a picture of Hunter that day I took him to be put down.

I will be missing you, big boy!

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Fred Reeder Jr. said...

I've never liked cats. It goes back to around 1978, with Joey Hoffman's cat. It's a very, very long story. Suffice to say, after that day, no cat has ever liked me, either. But I liked CooCat, and I liked him for one simple reason: I knew he made my wife happy.

Maybe a new kitty isn't far away?