Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sugar and spice

Last weekend, as I was working on my cabinet cleaning, I also made some headway in throwing out some spices. See my last post for details on that.

I couldn't remember the last time I cleaned out my sugar dispenser and salt and pepper shakers.

The shakers were so grungy and dented at the top, it was time for some new ones from Homegoods! I also found a great little spice bottle that would be perfect for our "Grandpa topping," which is what we call cinnamon sugar at our house. You can see my ghetto before and after:

I finally put all of my dried spices from last fall into proper containers. I made these with chalkboard paint. Much better than an old baby food jar that has a "P" written on the top in marker:

That there is a huge jar or favorite!

I also put mixed up some Italian seasoning, using my herbs. I love to flavor my own spaghetti sauce with this stuff. I used two old bottles, one that was from my sister. Also, I jarred up some spice mixes I had bought last fall at the farmer's market. They look much nicer in these bottles!

Much better! And speaking of sugar and spice.....

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