Thursday, July 28, 2011

TV Time


We are officially getting to the time of the summer when the sickness hits me. I need fall TV.


We're all caught up on our Modern Family reruns. I've taken to recording Sex and the City repeats on our DVR. It's a long time 'til the middle of September, you know.

Thank you, TV Gods, for these shows that have piqued my interest lately....

Design Star...I haven't watched all of the seasons, but I've gotten into this latest one. No one is standing out to me, but I have decided I cannot stand the host, Tanika Ray. Everything she says is so....nuanced.


Giuliana and Bill...Okay, this show could be mildly considered "mind candy." Well, maybe not mildly. I enjoy it, though. I got hooked on it last summer. I have admired how forthright they have been about their infertility. If we're keeping real here, we've struggled with what I would term "mild" infertility--and it's nothing compared to what some people experience in their quests to become parents. However, I know whether mild or not, it's so hard. I've appreciated their honesty very much.


And starting this week.....Project Runway. I've watched each season and I truly enjoy it. As a devotee of good design in general, I like seeing what the designers create. Also, they never cease to add several doses of drama! Dishing about this show with my girls--my mom, my sister and my sister-in-law--is fun, too.


I'm sure that photo will elicit a comment from my husband. And to think she's had two more kids than I've had.....; )


Jen @ Domesticated Nomad said...

I wish I had know about your summer tv issues. When summer hits I turn to USA. Seriously good tv. White Collar is my current fav, but there are only two more shows for the season.

I haven't watched much of Design Star. I meant too, but I keep forgetting when it's on. I love Giulianna and Bill. I feel silly watching, but I love how real they are. And I was tuned in to Project Runway too!

Tulip and Turnip said...

Ok, Design Star. Can't stand Tanika, but even worse is CATHY! If she says how "well-traveled" she is one more time! (Actually, that could be a fun drinking game!)

Love me some Project Runway. I cannot believe what they can create. Awesome!

Jennifer said...

Jen...I will check out USA. Thanks for the tip and I will remember that for next summer. :) are right, CATHY. She is annoying. I also cannot get past the cosmetic surgery I am sure she has had around the eye area. I truly am a shallow person.

Leah B said...

I watch all three of those shows. Love me some Giulianna and her shoes/clothes!! My hubby LOVES Project Runway. I am sure that has nothing to do with the HK factor. Ha!!

Alison @ OhMyVera! said...

I love Project Runway too! I was so glad that it started last week!

Betsy (BB) said...

I am such an HGTV fan! Design Star is the greatest! Thanks for sharing this! I enjoy the other two shows too, but Design Star is my fave.