Sunday, July 24, 2011

Deco book

Well, friends, I have to be honest when I admit that I have a bit of a Type A personality. I also label some of my posts as "organization," so I think I must have a problem. I actually had a moment recently when my husband was looking for something of which I should know the location...and I could not find it! Egads.

Note...I will never, never profess to be able to find something that belongs to my husband. His domain is his black hole.

Anyway. So, I realized the other day that I started a system to organize the paints and fabrics I have used in my house. I know true designers most likely have more sophisticated systems than mine, but mine suits me and it was pretty easy to put together.

I had a little photo book. I'm not crazy about the pattern on the cover, but it works and I already had it.

I put my paint chips or labels in the clear pages. I also add fabric swatches that I have used or may use. This way, when I shop, I take along my little book and everything is right there.

Here are the chips for my son's room...

These pages are for the living room/kitchen. I have the green color, plus the white I used to paint the mirror. The fabric is what is on my valances.

Paint for the hall bath upstairs. I don't have the paint chip (lost it....), so I painted a sample and also included the label, so I have the numbers if I ever need more mixed.

Front dining room...two greys and a fabric I have used. Other fabric swatches are hanging on the wall.

Office colors and fabrics. I used the third shade down.

The $%^&* front door color. Bottom shade. The bane of my existence as of late (see post here).

I also added some paint chips that have caught my eye for use in other rooms.

The next two pics are pages of paints I used at our old house....I keep them so I can remember the names and just in case I'd like to use them again!

One thing I realized--it would also be helpful to have some notes with measurements if you need that also when you are shopping for window treatments or furniture. I haven't added these, but I should!

Do you have any ways that you organize your home dec stuff?

P.S. The Wall Project is making serious headway and now we need to order dirt. I'll post pictures next week. It has been a consuming project!!

Stuff and Nonsense


Kelli@MoreBangforYourBucks said...

Love this idea! I have been needing to get all my paint chips together and this inspires me. :)

Carmella said...

This is such a great idea...I always find that when I get to the store, I kind of lose my mind and can't remember anything...this would help me stay focused for sure!

Stuff and Nonsense said...

very organized indeed....i have what i call 'the frippery file' which is slightly less organized, but keeps all my inspiration pages from magazines...all organized by room...i've been compiling it since i was 14! thanks so much for linking up to fridays unfolded!


Jess said...

I love to be organized! I never thought to keep up with paint chips *smacks forehead* I do have a little photo book that I use for my 'inspiration'. I'll have to make a second book now! I'm your newest follower btw :)

Handcrafted Pretty said...

This is a clever idea, I shared it here:

Please visit when you have a chance♥