Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bump on a log and a Preview

I've been a little MIA lately on my blog. I do have one pleasantry to share and then I'll show a pic of what has been keeping us busy over the last few days.

A few years ago, I acquired a sweet tealight holder.

My mom gave it to me. She had gotten it from her neighbor at her lake cabin, Andy. Andy is a bachelor who lives out at the lake and he had made these tealight holders when we had the huge windstorm in 2008. If you live near me in the Midwest, you'll know what I'm talking about. We missed two days of school (in September) from the power outages and I had friends with no power for 5 days. Well, Andy made these from fallen tree limbs when the power was I'm wondering if he used a hand drill....?

Anyway, I've always loved it and I have had it in my cabinet for a while. I decided to get it out. Not sure why I had left it in there so long! And...since I'm obsessed with cut flowers lately, I took out the tealight holders and was delighted to see that I could fit some votive holders that were a bit taller. They could function as bud vases!

I apologize for the blurry picture. I'm too tired to go and take another one. You'll know why in a moment.

I'm digging the rustic nature and the colors of the wood, plus the pretty blooms. It's looking great as my centerpiece right now! I really want to ask Andy if he would make me a really long one for the ledge in my kitchen.

And preview. We had a delivery on Tuesday.

A special pallet o' fun. That's right, my husband and I are installing three retaining walls in our front garden.

More on that adventure to come, since it's currently underway....; )

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Coley said...

I'm loving this. I live in the midwest and know about wind storms! Last winter we had an ice/wind storm and people around our home were out of power for 3 weeks. THREE weeks! Crazy stuff.