Thursday, March 28, 2013

A few jewelry updates

Hey, there....

Only four days away from Opening Day around here! I am more than ready for the boys of summer, let me tell you. I am looking forward to some cold ones, outside in the warm weather, listening to the Reds on the radio. Or taking in a game down at the ballpark.

Opening Day in Cincinnati is kind of like a excited!

I recently redid some necklaces. I've been on a bent lately redoing things I already have. I try to put aside things I don't need anymore for know, to cut down on clutter and all. However, lately, I've been holding on to things that can just be fixed up a bit!

My mom and dad are moving. Next week, actually! So, they have been cleaning out tons of stuff. My mom gave me a big container of old costume jewelry. I found a few things that can be redone!

I found a little silver key (have no idea to what) and a ball chain. I also had a nut that I found at the hardware store. It is called a coupling nut and although I know my way around the hardware store, I am not 100% sure what you would use this for.

You might be surprised at what you find if you look around the HW store a bit!

I added it to a silver chain of a necklace I don't wear anymore....

I like the size of the bolt and the industrial look.

I added the key to the ball chain....

And tried them together. I will be loving these together for spring and summer.

Voila. Now go to the hardware store.

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Fred Reeder Jr. said...

Love the necklaces! But is it okay if I love Opening Day more? :)