Saturday, April 13, 2013

Snow, anyone? we all doin'?

Me: Back to school after spring break. Enjoying some warmer weather. Applied for and accepted to online grad school program.

You: Wondering when I might post again? (You know who you are...) 

Yeah, it's been a while. I think any of you with young kids would appreciate the fact that there have been many nights as of late that once the kids are in bed, I just have zero energy for anything, i.e. writing up blog posts!

That's not say I haven't been working on anything or had anything going on in my brain that is worthy to share. : ) So, I'll work on sharing some of those. I have been thinking lately of a new little "feature" you might enjoy.

We are pretty much knee-deep in spring these days. Which I am LOVING. So ready for it. And we certainly had our share of white stuff this last winter. On one of our last snows, we made some snow dessert.

The kids had a great time running out in PJs and boots to gather some snow and then we made some snow pudding. I chose a pretty easy recipe....just snow, milk, powdered sugar and vanilla. There are some more complicated recipes if you are into it!

The kids loved it. We added chocolate syrup to it, too. Here's a link I used: you can Google your own if you like!

Tuck that away until next for the kids! ; )

Major yard work for my mom on tap for tomorrow. Pictures may follow. 


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