Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Home and Garden Show

Anyone else out there about to fall over wanting spring to arrive? Besides me?

Not to mention, I'd fall over in a second if it meant spring break was here. I am searching every last nook and cranny of this body for PATIENCE with my students!! Aaack.

I shouldn't complain too loudly....last year, when spring arrived, well, around the beginning of February, I wasn't happy then, either. So, basically, I'm never satisfied. ; ) All I know is that once it's here, it will be game on.....my spring clothes are at the ready!

We did get a taste of spring at the Cincinnati Home and Garden Show a few weekends back. I snapped some lovely pics...especially while my awesome husband watched the kids on the trampoline so I could take my time and look around.

Some of the best....here it is.

This chandelier was awesome...but my kids and I LOVED the fish that were in it. : )

I saw this plant twice....once in purple and once in white. I think it might be called pieris? Someone help me if you know!

I really liked this uplighting! I would love to have some landscape lighting on my someday backyard landscaping....

I was digging this combo of azaleas (touchy to grow in our area), hostas and impatiens. Never you mind that the azaleas and impatiens wouldn't be blooming together in this zone in real life. H&G show is like fantasy land!

Very cool uplit row of weeping cherries with a border of hyacinths.

White azaleas and a border of tiny liriopes.

I liked this pot of gerbera daisies and spiky green stuff.

Also loving the checkerboard grass and slate!!!!

Weeping redbud with a few very tiny buds!

I also LOVED this pot of celosia, or cockscomb. If I could find this for my garden, I'd be done for.

That's all for now....off to watch the last episode of Mad Men that's available on Netflix. *sob* Note to Netflix--pls. add season 5 ASAP....?

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Fred Reeder Jr. said...

Love that checkerboard, too! I didn't see that!

Now, could you please please please make the snow and cold weather go away? Ok, thanks.