Monday, March 4, 2013

A Seasonal Container....You Can Grow That!

Happy March to all and it's time for another installment of You Can Grow That!

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So, here we are, the beginning of March and it is time for me to completely change out my front step containers. In the last few years, I've been starting to use plants in my containers that go from season to season. I tend to change them out completely in spring and sometimes in the summer.

So, to recap last year, here's how it went down. Spring saw pansies installed in my front step pots. This particular variety was so pretty with the blues and yellows.

For the summer, I planted cordyline and sweet potato vine 'Blackie.' Some of my peach-y colored annuals didn't make it through into our dry summer, so I raided the bargain bin and planted a red mandevilla and red/white zinnias. The red snapdragons were transplanted from the backyard. I was pleased with how this turned out!

Now, into fall. I kept the sweet potato vine, but added ornamental cabbage, mums and pansies. I also planted a mustard plant, which I loved! The colors and textures on that plant were great for fall.

Here is a pic of the pots with the mums in full bloom and the cabbage showing color. By this time, the frost had killed off the sweet potato vine. I stuck some seedpods in there (not sure from what tree) and had added some small white pumpkins.

Then, Christmas. I kept the cabbage and added fake greenery, twigs, fake berries, lights and pinecones. A little snow doesn't hurt, either!

And lastly, for winter post-Christmas. I picked up these wreaths for a few bucks apiece after the holiday. I added some dried grasses and twigs with pinecones. Had the cabbage stayed in better shape, I would have kept that as well. Last year, I had a white-ish variety that I kept all the way through to March.

And soon, we'll be starting over again! 

So, how can you do this yourself? Choose plants that can go from one season to another. Consider the color of the plant, too. The maroon of the sweet potato vine works well for summer and fall. I love how the kales and cabbages look for fall, but you can use them for holidays as well.

Seasonal containers? You can grow that!


Julie said...

Fabulous ideas! Our poor containers always look so tired--I love your combinations. In SC, we use pansies for our fall and winter color. I love your creative combinations! Happy gardening!

Fred Reeder Jr. said...

Because of this long winter, it's been so long since I've seen such color that my eyes had to adjust. Can't wait for spring!