Friday, June 15, 2012

What's in bloom

Well, here we are, mid-June, and the garden is thriving. And it well should be, since it has been going since late February.....

Happy anniversary to my mom and dad today! 

Here is what is in bloom in the garden right now....

Coneflower Sunset series 'Autumn Blaze'....I truly love this flower. The colors are so pretty.

Sedum 'Angelina'.....funny little blossoms.

Oakleaf hydrangea 'Pee Wee'

Bee balm 'Jacob Cline' my old house, I had to stake these, but this one seems to stand on its own well.

Dill.....a huge plant right now that reseeded itself from last year. I love these blooms, too.

My reseeded cosmos are coming on....

I could not resist snapping a pic of my neighbor's hosta....this one might be the coolest hosta I have ever seen. I haven't had a chance to ask him what it is.

The lilies are fading but still hanging on a bit.

Daisies....this variety is called 'Crazy Daisy'....not my favorite variety, but low-growing and good for their spot.

Endless Summer year, I will try to turn them blue.

Caryopteris (blue mist shrub) 'Dark Knight'....usually this plant blooms in late August/early Sept. I am going to try to cut it back in a week or two and see if it reblooms. D^&* you, early spring/mild winter.....

Salvia 'Mainacht' still going strong, due to some diligent deadheading.

Gayfeather 'Kobold'......I planted this last fall, so this is the first go-round for this plant. I love the vertical statement.

Have a great weekend!

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Sarah said...

So many pretty flowers - I am still eagerly awaiting my purple coneflower to open.