Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cut flowers #1

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you must know I have a slight obsession for cut flowers. I know some gardeners can't stand to cut their blooms or foliage, but I'm all about bringing the beauty of my garden into our house. Although, to be honest, I don't like spending money on cut flowers often, especially during the growing season when I can easily clip something out of my garden. I will say, there is something to be said for buying some flowers in the dead of winter. : )

This first grouping was cut for my son's teacher on the last day of school. I was walking around with an umbrella, cutting these stems, since it was pouring down rain that morning. In this bouquet--coneflower, yarrow, lily, bee balm and sage. I like the oatmeal can, too.....the flowers are held in with a baggie of water.

Another take on the same arrangement.....except I added some tall blooms from my coral bells. 

Here are some of my lilies with leaves from some hostas. I have some hostas down the side of the house that won't miss a few leaves...and neither will I, since they're not in the front. I think this arrangement looks rather tropical.

Once again with this arrangement.....I am amazed that I have ended up with these plants all in bloom at the same time and in the same color palette. I added lemon verbena to this one....I love adding lemon verbena to my cut flowers. The lemon scent is wonderful!

Last up....a bouquet we put together for my son's teacher for Teacher Appreciation Week. My son picked out all of these blooms, so while it is not as cohesive, it's pretty and from a six year-old heart. Contained in this.....perennial sage, catmint, Knockout roses, chive blooms, amsonia and lemon balm leaves (which I may have changed out for some sage, since the lemon balm was wilting a bit). 

What kind of cut flowers do you like?



Darla said...

My husband is the cutter of the flowers to bring inside girls cut flowers for their rooms or to take to school......what's the point in growing them if you can't enjoy them....

Athena at Minerva's Garden said...

Very pretty arrangements! The lily with hosta leaves is particularly striking--I never thought to use hosta leaves in an arrangement--good idea. I cut whatever I have a lot of in the garden in bloom at any given time, so I don't notice it outdoors so much that some are missing. Right now I can do roses and a lot of different herbs, which is great.

Beth said...

I like your bouquets. A great idea to add lemon verbena for scent! My favorite to cut and bring in would be stargazer lilies - so fragrant!