Wednesday, June 6, 2012

As seen at the Indy 500

Hello, out there.....I hope you are having a great week. We are having beautiful weather here this week. I can't get enough. Days in the 70s and cool nights. If only all of summer could be like this....

A perennial favorite for much of my family is the Indianapolis 500, the greatest spectacle in racing. I meant to get this post up a bit earlier, but the end of school coincides with the race and it just wasn't happening. 

I first attended this race when I was about seven years old, so it has been quite a long time that I have been attending. Usually, I bring my camera and intend to take photos, but it gets away from me. It must be that I am away from my children and am too busy relaxing and enjoying myself to remember to take pics. This year, I achieved my goal and will share some of my pics with you....: )

Me and my beautiful sister.

She is so was hot as h$%# and she put all of her makeup....on ice!

My dad....the original, the one and only.

Smoking an electric proud of you for quitting, Dad!

I've never seen these at the 500. I bet this guy made a bit of money.

A little display at the house where we park. The owner is a retired K-9 cop. I like the race flags. I may or may not have crashed into those at one point later that day....

The necklace is a nice touch....

Our set-up. The RV is my dad's Honey. No, not my actually says "HONEY" on the side of it. The Honey is so good to us.

My dad eating Triscuits with our family friends. Triscuits and EZCheez are a staple of my dad's diet.

Our grillin' bounty....

That would be me, sitting in a chair. Not sure who took this pic.

The grillin' bounty was too much for my husband's fork tines...

We took a little walk around the big RV/camping lot. Lots to see! Caution...tent ahead.

I thought this was quite artful. And an impressive number of cans consumed!

I felt like some people's campsites were a little messy. Personal pride, people!!

These people seemed to have a nice little party going.

These guys were quite proud of their Indiana heritage and full of college pride to boot.

A nice shot of an extensive flagpole in the sunset....

Again....personal pride is lacking! One of the most interesting makeshift tents I have ever seen.

This looked to be the most happening spot in the big RV lot.'s a bit blurry!

Okay. How was that? Part 2 will be'll enjoy it. A little glimpse of Indy 500 FASHION. ; )

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Fred Reeder Jr. said...

Very pleased with all the pics. Can't wait for the fashion show ... but something tells me we won't see Heidi Klum hosting. :(