Saturday, June 23, 2012

A berry good time

Now that summer is here in full force, the kids and I have been keeping busy. We spend a lot of time at the pool, of course, but I love doing lots of different things with them during the summer. We have a lot more freedom to do things in the summer....since we're not trying to fit in day activities just on the weekends.

Yesterday, we went berry raspberries, to be exact. We had a great time! We went to a big berry farm about 25 miles away. It is one of the biggest berry farms on this side of the Mississippi.

Even though this is a fun activity, it's pretty educational. I fielded a ton of questions from my son about how the farm works and why the plant things the way they do. I like that they learn where food comes from (not the grocery store). They are learned how much work it is to pick a small basket of berries like those we might buy. : )

It was a beautiful day....we have had a heat wave and after some rainstorms the night before, the weather was in the mid-80s with a nice cool breeze.

At one point, my son found what he called "Berry City." He really liked finding good spots that had a lot of berries.

We had to coach our girl on which berries to pick.....NOT the red ones, just the black ones. : ) She spent a bit of time blowing the dandelion puffs....

Here is a pic she took of me..

We had a nice picnic lunch under a tree before doing a little more picking. Here is a shot of the field from our lunch spot.

We ended up with berry fingers......

....and a nice haul of fresh berries.


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The Bold Abode said...

Oh my gosh! I always intend to do that every year and miss the season! I need someone to remind me...

What are you going to do with all of those yummy berries? We'd just live off of them for a few days...purple fingers and all!