Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A visit to Swedish wonderland

That's right, we made a visit to IKEA last week. My kids love to go to IKEA.....and I do, too. We have one that was built a few years ago in Cincinnati, so it's really nice to be able to go whenever we want. Usually, when my mom, sister and I would go, we would go to the one in Minneapolis and we would buy everything we saw since we didn't know when we'd be back. : ) Now, it's nice to browse and not feel any pressure.

We went on a Tuesday, which was nice, since the kids' meals are free. My daughter is now potty-trained, so she is able to go into the play area. Yessss!! They also have storytime at 1pm on Tuesdays for kids in the restaurant area.

I'll share a few notable things I saw there....I really liked this white greenhouse! I might have to buy this one sometime.

I have been in l.o.v.e. with these metallic mirrors for a long time, especially the tall one below.

I could totally see it leaning up against one of the walls in my house!

I really liked these pillows....a mix of print and embroidery. So cool.

My best finds were these scarves that I found in the fabric area. They were on clearance for $6 apiece. I was totally drawn to them because of the turquoise colors!!

They are the perfect size for a sarong....or I might take the pink/turquoise one and make some kind of top.

Of course, I had meatballs for lunch.

The kids enjoyed their lunch in the kids' area....

And we finished off the day with storytime...Miss Heather was really good! She tells a story and finishes off with a craft, as well as giving away a few stuffed toys.

We got some frozen yogurt for me and some cinnamon buns for the kids and headed home. Victory declared. 

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Fred Reeder Jr. said...

Next time, we'll need a photo of our daughter's unique consuming of Ikea cinnamon buns - and the aftermath on her face.