Saturday, June 9, 2012

As seen at the Indy 500...Part 2

So, here is a continuation of my Indy 500 here to get to it.

Day 2. It's the morning. I was really wiped out from my week at school (two concerts and had been sick all week), so I went to sleep about 9:45pm the night before......Looosssaaah.

Good's race day.

Our friend, Matt, the breakfast grillmaster.

Dad and sis.

A grill full of breakfast meat....

I could eat breakfast sandwiches every day. These particular sandwiches were served on KFC biscuits. So tasty!

The race pool. I did win one year when I was pregnant. I attribute my victory to baby karma since it's complete luck what you pull.

And....let the fashion show begin. I set myself up on the side of the street and snapped some pics of unsuspecting people. 

This guy...I think he was probably pretty warm at the race. It was hot...about 94 degrees!

Wow, it's the guys from Jersey Shore!

I liked this girl's style....dress and hat.

These girls had a lot of prints going on. They looked comfy and cute.

Good race style here.

Oh.....those weren't the guys from Jersey's THESE guys.

Either this guy is really up on fashion trends or his shirt was bought by one of the women in his life....."How Guys Do Neon."

This style was most impressive. For an older lady, she's got done up hair...bikini top under a see through lace top.....rather short shorts. Not a look I'd personally rock, but when I'm her age, I'd hope to have the balls to pull this one off and the goods to go with it.

I secretly want to be a motorcycle cop. I really like the boots. Maybe it's a CHiPs thing.

I'm proud to be an American......

I think this may be the biggest insulated cup I've ever seen.

Beautiful raceway.

This guy is sporting the commemorative white sunglasses for Dan Wheldon, the driver who died at a different race last year. He was last year's winner of the 500. All of the tributes were touching and sad.

Would look cooler without the underneath pair of sunglasses.....

These girls come to the race each year. They wear matching tanks with nicknames on the front, having matching but different colored special cups and annoy me and my sister just a bit. They are having fun, though.

One of the pink tank girls' guys. My sister pointed out that the longhorn has a pimple right in the center of the bull's head. I called it the "the third eye."

The military flyover during the National Anthem. So cool. I don't know what all of those planes are.

Long shot of the flyover.

Dan Wheldon's car. Unfortunately the car was blurry and it was a great pic of that guy's phone.

The cars getting into rows of three behind the white pace car. As they go down the straightaway, they will be getting the green flag. My FAVORITE part of the race and of the whole weekend.

The umbrella hat keeps you cool, I guess....except it sucks to be sitting behind that person....and you look a bit silly.

Although I'm not into athletic clothes as a daytime look, this girl looked very comfortable in her outfit. And I noticed how toned her back was.

One of the more interested ear adornments I've ever seen.

I guess he was cooling off......

And that's all I got.

It was a great weekend. It was strange....we arrived back to my in-law's house and I felt awful! Not hungover awful at all, just tired and nauseous......maybe a little heatstroke? I felt so bad I didn't even want bad-for-you fast food on the way home.

I hope you enjoyed the pics!

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Fred Reeder Jr. said...

First of all, I love that you know the "i" is lower case in CHiPs. How could you know this? Was the show even on by the time you were born?

Second: those fashion pics are fantastic. The one with the guy in the flannel confuses me. And the neon dude ... I didn't know you could still buy neon clothes. Is it time to get out my stuff from 1985?