Friday, April 6, 2012

A little box of fun

I got a special delivery the other day....

I signed up for a free 2.5oz paint sample from They did this last year and I loved getting a little box of inspiration on my front step!

They give away quite a few samples each day. The only caveat is that you have to go on the website at the right time....since the samples run out pretty early in the day. The free sample store opens at 9am CENTRAL time. The only days I can log on at that specific time are Saturday and Sunday. So, a week ago on Saturday, I got all ready at 9am EASTERN time. I even set my oven timer so I would remember. I logged on.....closed.

Then I noticed it was CENTRAL time. Set the oven timer again. Yes, I am a type A nerd.

Got on, shopped for my sample. You can browse a bunch of color categories to pick one.

In my box? A paint sample and a little roller and little paint tray. I must say, I am a fan of the little paint samples. Not only is it a genius way to try a color with little commitment, sometimes you need just a little bit of paint for a project and you don't want to buy a whole quart. I hate having old, extra paint sitting around.

You also get some paint chips of complementary colors. And a $5 off coupon for a gallon of paint. Yippee!

I chose the color on the far right,      . The others are the accent colors. I can't say I'm crazy about any of them, but I appreciate the thought!

And there's my color. It looks awfully turquoise in the picture. I chose for an idea for my laundry room. We'll see. I may also try it on my front door.

If you need a little paint-spiration, check out the free samples. : )


Fred Reeder Jr. said...

Paint-spiration? Hmmmm ... that's stretching it a bit. But we got free paint, so I'll let this go.

Think Skyline has the same deal?

andie jaye said...

that's the exact color i've been trying to find for our front door, too! i'll have to check this out. you can't go wrong with free samples :)