Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fashion No. 2...the tail of a fish

Since I've been taking a little break from work clothes in the last week (read: sweats), I thought I'd post a pic of an outfit I wore to school last week.

Shirtdress: Old Navy
Jean Jacket: Old Navy, bought online
Leggings: Old Navy
Shoes: Target
Belt (can't see in this pic): Kohl's
Bracelets: DIYed and bebe
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

I honestly can't remember quite how this outfit came together...except that I put on something else and it didn't look quite I threw on this shirtdress and added leggings, since it was in the 60s that day. Although I'm not hugely into wearing all black, I did wear all black and put the grey jean jacket on over it to break up the blackness. I like to break up the one color with a pop of a bright color, but I had nothin'. One of my students commented, "Why are you blacking out today?"

They are my best critics sometimes.

Speaking of ten year-old fashion critics, I've noticed from teaching seven grade levels over the years, trends seem to start with the high school kids, then trickle down to the middle school and pre-teens. For example, the boating shoe (or I'm not sure what they're called) trend. High school kids started wearing these a year or two ago and now the kids at my school (I teach grades 5/6) are catching on. So, when the kids at my school are enthusiastic about an outfit, I sort of wonder how fashionable it really is. : )

One thing they really liked about my look was my braid.....

I tried out a side fishtail braid. It was pretty easy to do! I used a tutorial from YouTube that I can't find right now. It looked a bit rough by the end of the day (when I took the pics), so I think with practice, it would get tighter and would hold up better. I get in hairdo ruts sometimes, so it is nice to have something new to do with my locks.

I DIYed a new accessory today that I'm looking forward to sporting next week. Stay tuned...


lo @ crazy ever after said...

Look at youuuuuuu, girl. So stylish and snazzzzzzy!

andie jaye said...

that is a super cute outfit! i don't ever have anything to get dressed up like that for. and yeah, fishtail braids are so cool! can't figure them out though! sorry i've not poked in sooner. got you on my bloglovin' reader so i don't miss anymore posts :)