Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fashion in a state of flux

Anyone out there have hard and fast fashion rules? You must know what I'm talking about...."No white after Labor Day." Stuff like that.

Now, that is a rule that I don't necessarily adhere to. I do, however, have some rules that I follow in regard to fashion. Generally, I don't wear white or linen until after Easter or spring break. I also tend not to wear strappy sandals until said time. I also tend not to wear those things after mid-September.

The weather this year has really screwed me up with this. 80 degree weather in March is not conducive to wearing heavy shoes and clothes......but I'm not quite ready to break out the summer looks, you know? My husband has a hard time with this. He doesn't understand why I "go by the calendar." 

I did break down and get out my white denim jacket. I love this piece of's great for a bit of warmth/covering up with a springy look. It's a bit early, but like I said, it's been late-spring or summer-like. I did decide to break out my gradual-skin-tanning cream a little early to take away some of the white pastiness on my arms and legs. 

I seriously have a hard time processing what the students at my school wear each day. First, there are the boys who wear shorts every day of the year. EVERY day. I guess comfort is not really a priority for them. Walking around with bare legs when it's 40 degrees out is not my idea of "comfortable." I get's probably a fight that parents don't feel like having, so they let the kids wear whatever they want. I just don't get why the kids don't want to be warm.

Sometimes the girls are like this---they just don't wear a jacket. I have been most amazed by the young ladies that dress like it is the dead heat of August in....February. I admit, we have had a mild winter, but just because it's not freezing doesn't mean it's time for short shorts and flips.

It's good that spring break is right around the corner for means I can break out some of my more summer-y things. The calendar is finally catching up with the weather. Although I may not break out my white linen skirt very soon, I am looking forward to putting away corduroy and sweaters this week.

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Fred Reeder Jr. said...

My best fashion tip: if you're going to a concert, don't wear a concert T-shirt with that band's name on it. Exception: The band's been around awhile, and you have a T-shirt from a concert many moons ago. Fans will give you mad props for this.

As for your odd adherence to the calendar: so if it's 80 degrees on, say, Feb. 25, you'll wear a scarf because the calendar says so? C'mon! The weather dictates the outfit, not the calendar!

For example, if I'm going to a Tesla concert in February and it's 80 degrees, I'm wearing my 1992 short-sleeve Tesla T-shirt, not my 1995 long-sleeve Tesla T-shirt.

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